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Starter Home Restoration, Watervliet, NY

Starter Home Restoration, Watervliet, NY

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A client of ours purchased a small foreclosed house in Watervliet, NY, that needed a complete restoration. As a foreclosure, the pipes had burst, the space heater wasn’t functional, and the rear of the house needed severe foundation work!

We went to work and rebuilt the entire rear section of the house, adding a much needed half bath on the first floor. We remodeled the kitchen, and added duct work and a new high-efficiency furnace on the property. This was great to heat the property, and if the owner wants to add Central Air later, brand new duct work is already in place.

We refinished the gorgeous original wide plank pine floors, and added all new Pex plumbing so the property will never suffer from burst copper plumbing again, and a brand new high-efficiency water heater.

The entire electrical system was rewired, with brand new service to the street.

This house is now a brand new house, in a gorgeous historic house with original beautiful moldings and breathtaking flooring. We even were able to refinish the original claw tub.

The original finishes were so gorgeous, it was important to us to reuse them. They look beautiful, and by refinishing we were able to save our client a fortune.

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Spring Meadows Townhouse, Latham, NY

Spring Meadows Townhouse, Latham, NY

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Our client wanted his townhouse to stick out in the North Colonie Rental market. But he didn’t have the money for a high-end makeover for hardwood floors, granite countertops, fireplace in master bedroom, etc. So the design team at Shark Management offered a creative way to stay competitive in the rental market while spending a fraction of the cost of hardwood floors and granite countertops by giving the townhouse a gorgeous and distinctive paint job, finishing the basement, and adding a California closet in the master bedroom.

Before the makeover, this was a typical townhouse with drab finishings and apple-country decor. It didn’t leave a lasting impression at showings, and despite a great layout, the finishings were undercutting it’s wow factor.

After the makeover, the townhouse was not only rented the first day of showings, but was in a bidding war and the lease was signed for MORE rent then we were advertising it for!

This job goes to show it’s FAR better to think creatively rather then throwing money at a project. The cost of this project paid for itself in 4 months with the new rental rate, where adding hardwood floors and granite countertops would have taken close to 16 months to earn back!