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Professional & Affordable Rental Property Management based in Albany, NY.

Managing Albany, NY, Troy, NY, Colonie, NY, Saratoga, NY, Watervliet, NY, Waterford, NY and the Greater Capital Region.

The “Shark Attack” System

Our proven “Shark Attack” System consists of 5 crucial points to maximize income and property value for your rental property.
In our inspection and evaluation, we will help you:

  • Uncover the property’s urgent matters
  • Analyze each tenant: their payment history, current rental agreement, complaints and how they care for your property
  • Compare each unit’s current state vs. current market rates
  • Analyze cost & time to bring the property from it’s current state to a top-performing rental
  • Analyze future plan for the property, and analyze exit strategies

We will then recommend one of our Service Levels to you that bests fits your budget and goals for your property.

What if I just want to sell my property?

In your custom Shark Attack Report, we’ll analyze and suggest exit strategies to you. We’ve helped clients who only want to sell their property by maximizing their property’s show-ability, then listing and showing the property for them. If you don’t want to spend any more money on your property, the Shark’s will discuss strategies for how to get out of your property immediately (including having Shark Property Management purchase the property in it’s current state from you!), without costing you time or money!

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